The Manufacturing of Shilton Fly Reels

Shilton Fly Reels are designed to withstand even the harshest of conditions. For this reason, Shilton Engineering chooses its materials carefully. The reel’s frame and spool are manufactured using top-quality alumimium bar stock. Meanwhile, the remaining components are machined from stainless steel. Polymers, carbon fibres and cork are used to create the clutch systems.

Spare Parts

Why choose a Shilton Reel as your next reel? What other reel allows you to change your own parts? Shilton has a full selection of replacement parts meaning you don’t need to send your reel in to be repaired, you can do it yourself!

About Shilton Reels

At Shilton, we are committed to our brand and are confident of its reliability, durability and unsurpassed quality. Our award-winning range of Shilton Fly Reels are highly sought after both in South Africa and in countries around the globe. Visit our online store to find the perfect Shilton Reel for your next fishing trip.

Shilton Fly Reels’ creator and founder, Tony Frittelli, is an avid fly fisherman with a particular interest in tackle. Top-end fly reels are typically manufactured in the United States or the United Kingdom and, being imported, retail at higher prices than the average angler can afford. With over forty years’ experience in engineering and the support of Shilton Engineering’s machine shop, Frittelli began to develop a fly reel that competed with the world’s top brands and yet was affordable locally. After eight months, five of which were dedicated to testing and trials, the first Shilton Fly Reel was available commercially.

Shilton In Action